The faster the global economy evolves, the more obvious it is to me that sustainable brands go through little revisions and occasional overhauls on a regular basis. I’m not just referring to organizations. Each of us—whether we realize it or not—is a brand known for something, a brand that is either progressing forward or stagnating.
During the past week I’ve made some personal brand revisions, flowing out of more clarification and awareness, in response to the context and circumstances in which I find myself as a professional these days.
First, I updated my succinct brand slogan, modifying the verbiage I’d used for the past year or so. Serving and equipping world-changing communicators is the new slogan that best captures what I do.
Second, I solidified how, specifically, I execute that brand slogan. My core vocational identity is a professional who helps fellow communicators by offering great content or shaping approaches to content. These professionals include publishers, editors, writers, pastors, speakers, non-profit or business leaders and coaches—among others. Across diverse disciplines, these communicators have the opportunity to change the world for the better—and I want to be right there with them.
What gives me the audacity to declare that I can “serve and equip” other professionals to achieve anything?
I am honored to help others out of the overflow of more than 20 years of diverse experience and fine-tuned strengths in communications, consulting, coaching and facilitation. I hold a bachelor's degree in Communications from Florida State University and a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary. Ordained as a deacon by The United Methodist Church, I am also certified in strengths performance coaching, facilitation and human resources. My professional roles have included running my own company (John Michael De Marco) since 1997, as well as full-time positions as a daily newspaper journalist; Christian magazine editor; pastor; financial advisor; and human resources development consultant.
So, I’ve worn the hats of writer, editor, clergy and businessperson, and know how to approach content, leadership and performance needs from multiple angles.  

If you’re still indulging me, please allow me to unpack my four core areas of vocational strength a little more:
Content is my first and enduring vocational love! I currently consult with the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church on communications strategies, content and technology, and write freelance articles, Web content, manuscripts, marketing materials, speeches, presentations, scripts, songs and coaching approaches for a variety of clients across several industries. These clients, spanning more than 20 years of professional communications work, have included the University of Florida; the University of Kentucky; Asbury Theological Seminary; Rollins College; Linkage, Inc.; Thomas Nelson; Zondervan; Baker Books; Guideposts Books; The Mission Society; and Modern Healthcare, Talent Management, Interpreter, Contemporary Christian Music, Charisma, New Man and Enrichment Journal magazines.
Leadership Consulting
I enjoy helping communicators and leaders to think strategically and execute more consistently in order to achieve stronger results. Currently, I serve as an internal human resources leadership consultant (PHR certified) with the 42,000-employee T-Mobile USA, America's fourth-largest wireless company and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest communications companies in the world. My work involves partnering with senior leaders to develop comprehensive goals, strategies and tactics that support operational execution and create a framework for linking talent development to business results. Building from my consulting role, I offer executive coaching and competency training to leaders as well
Previously, I held a similar position with the 6,000-employee Health First Inc. of Central Florida, a health care system featuring three hospitals, a health insurance unit, dozens of physician offices and numerous fitness and ancillary services. I partnered with physicians, executive, nursing directors and managers on a daily basis to help develop strategies and improve leadership competencies.
Certified by The Gallup Organization as a strengths performance coach and endorsed by The United Methodist Church as a Life Coach, I have spent many years helping leaders at all levels become more effective at leveraging their strengths in order to garner vital relationships and improved results. Clients have included communications executives, physicians, hospital executives, IT and insurance leaders, directors, mid-level managers, and front-line supervisors. I also have utilized my training and experiences as an ordained United Methodist pastor and former Morgan Stanley financial advisor to help hundreds of individuals achieve personal or financial growth.
Current and previous coaching clients have included, in addition to individual professionals:
·         United Methodist Church leaders
·         T-Mobile USA directors, managers, coaches and supervisors
·         Health First Inc. (Melbourne, Fla.) executives, physicians, hospital administrators, IT, insurance and business executives, nurse managers and supervisors
·         Morgan Stanley clientèle
·         Church members
Certified by Development Dimensions International (DDI) as a professional facilitator, I have more than a decade of experience in speaking, preaching, teaching and facilitating before groups and audiences of many sizes in both the profit and non-profit spheres. Areas of focus have included career and leadership development; coaching and feedback; conflict resolution; customer service; emotional intelligence; mentoring; on boarding; spiritual growth; strategic planning; strengths; team building; and values.
Current and previous speaking clients have included:
·         Dell Inc.
·         T-Mobile USA
·         The Best of Talent Management Summit, San Francisco (Linkage)
·         ADVANCE Regional Conferences
·         Florida Hospital Administrative Professionals Association (FHAPA)
·         Health First, Melbourne, FL
·         Brevard Community College (adjunct faculty), Cocoa, FL
·         The Port Authority of Cape Canaveral, Fla.
·         The United Way of Brevard County, FL
·         The United Methodist Church, and churches of other denominations
·         The Florida Alliance for Information and Referral Services (FLAIRS)
·         The Orlando Advertising Federation
However, what’s even more important to me than a brand slogan, four key areas of strengths or bulleted lists of clientele?
This: I’m a Christ-follower, and my core passion in life is to become more Christ-like. And flowing from this passion is a commitment to serving people well. And my desire for purposeful integration of mind, body and spirit compels me to approach everything I do through three core, strategic spheres:

Emotional, physical and spiritual wellness efforts, along with quality friendships, that make me fully available to live out my strengths

Prioritizing those who are closest to me, and being a good steward of my resources

Community involvement, lifelong learning, networking and focusing on excellence in my communications, consulting, coaching and facilitation work
Thanks so much if you’ve read this until the end. Now, I’d love to learn about your brand and how you are striving to keep it current in every season. How does your brand dovetail with your strengths amid a holistic framework for strategic living? Please share!