There is significant value in creating a simple visual to accompany your one-page, written strategic plan that consolidates your personal and professional goals into a holistic snapshot (and yes, a one page limit is a must for likelihood of execution!).
Here’s a simple way to accomplish this. First, fine-tune your one-page written plan. Ensure that you have no more than three clear, measurable goals, distributed among personal care and professional success. Have a big picture strategy or two for each of these goals, and a few bullet point tactics for each strategy—action steps that you can execute on a daily or weekly basis.
Next, after you’ve printed out this one-page document and have it in front of you, go into PowerPoint or another visual tool and create a new slide.  Use smart art to create a design that allows for interlocking circles or boxes, or anything that depicts how your strategies are related to each other.
Here’s an example of my latest visual concoction:

 Why the visual and the written one-pager? Don’t they say the same thing?
Sort of. They both contain the same information, but the how this information is conveyed makes all the difference. One—the written one-pager—informs the mind. The visual, however, inspires the heart and spirit, enhancing the chances that you will live into the plan and find the satisfaction and results you desire.
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