I just returned from an invigorating run/walk on a lovely Saturday morning, a happy mixture of music on my iPod and an intentional effort to simply be present to what is characterizing my demeanor.During the final leg of my exercise, I happened to look up and see a thick vapor stream in the sky, the aftermath of some sort of jet. My next thought was of the biblical narrative of the ascension of Christ into the heavenlies, and I amused myself by considering whether there was a visible vapor stream that followed him as well.If so, it must have been so incredibly manifest, so consuming, that all inhabitants of the earth would have gazed upon it. It would have shook the pillars of the world, turned everything upside-down while declaring the majesty of the resurrection that foreshadows the resurrection of all into the fullness of who we were meant to be.Whatever our religious faith happens to be, once some external stimuli increases our consciousness and awareness of the divinity that lies within and awaiting resurrection, we can no longer be the same. Our pillars are shaken, our framework of reality turned upside-down and every other direction. Our false selves and pretenses begin to slip away, the less we resist and the more we allow that original image of God to come back into focus. For every moment that were are fully engaged in the truth of who we are, and humbly available to love others, the vapor streams becomes manifest and cannot help but elicit a sense of curious wonder.