When I was 25…
I didn’t know:
·         My eventual career trajectory
·         How I would go about writing and publishing books
·         The importance of stretching every day
·         The value of eating blueberries and other antioxidants
·         The history of punk rock or grunge
·         The names or genders of my future children
·         The nuances of emotional intelligence
·         The qualities of enduring relationships
I thought I knew:
·         What God was all about
·         What was most important
·         The extent of my talents
I definitely knew:
·         I was a writer
·         I had a deep spiritual hunger
·         I wanted to change the world, somehow
·         I was way too afraid
Things I don’t know NOW:
·         When I or the people I love will die
·         Whom my children will marry and what my grandkids will be like
·         Which countries I will still get to visit
·         How many books I will write or sell
·         The direction of the world economy
·         Which technology has yet to be invented that will simplify or complicate my life
·         The results of actions I’m considering during this season of life
·         Potential natural disasters
·         The full extent of divine consciousness
What bullet points are on your lists?