Let me see if I understand this correctly…

Our nation’s white supremacy complex works tirelessly to oppress and destroy Black Americans through slavery, Jim Crow, “law enforcement,” and mass incarceration/war on drugs, resulting in endless generational cycles of economic, educational, employment, environmental, health, lifespan, trauma, and voting disadvantages…and then labels these same Black Americans as predators, thugs, lazy, welfare queens, etc., when they rise up against these injustices?

That is strategically brilliant; not only for its success across 400 years, but for its devious, nuanced ways of ensuring white Americans don’t see the patterns, don’t know what we don’t know, don’t recognize how we take our privileges for granted, fear those who are different from us, and are convinced that we’re “colorblind” and “not racist.”

White supremacy? You might be evil but you sure aren’t stupid. I’ve stopped underestimating your savvy and resilience.

By the way, consider me an opponent who will do whatever it takes, within non-violent means, to dismantle you.