The kitchen sponge wasn’t strong enough, so I grabbed a plastic knife and started scraping the yellow-ish, nasty ooze off of the inside of our refrigerator this morning. It’s amazing how every food and drink item you can imagine leaves just enough residue to create such a unified by-product.

As I was applying elbow grease, the words “symmetry and simplicity” floated into my mind. I’ve realized how much I love both, and how they fit together—whether it’s cleaning and de-cluttering the house, culling down your life goals and strategies or helping someone else see the forest for the trees.

Symmetry, as defined by the brilliant minds at the popular yet esteemed academic research institution known as, is “aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance; such that it reflects beauty or perfection…a precise and well-defined concept of balance or patterned self-similarity.”

I’m down with that. All my life I’ve felt a bit uneasy when things are just strewn around the floor or an office. I like for things to align and make sense, both in a tangible and conceptual sense. Yeah, I’m an extreme J on the MBTI scale. Yeah, maybe I’m a little OCD. Am I crazy? No, I’m just a little unwell.

Simplicity? I really don’t have to look this one up in Wikipedia. Maybe I can’t fully define it, but I know it when I see it or live it. “Less is more” is a favorite cliché of mine. I’m obsessed these days with getting ideas and strategic plans down to one page (or less). Focus and go deep. 
The fridge looks a lot better. The house is coming along. My vocational aspirations are far more laser-crisp (write books, sell books and constantly enhance my executive coaching, consulting and facilitation services). I can breathe.