I’m convinced that the greatest fruit of finding success in doing something you love is the chance of doing more of it.
Sometimes the fruit of success includes wealth, fame, quality relationships and so forth, and these are icing on the cake, temporary pleasures found in seasons of abundance. For a big chunk of my life, I believe, pursuit of this fruit has been paramount on my mind. But as a new season unfolds, I am discerning how the simple joy of creating is far more enriching that the results the act of creation might bring.
In my case, this applies chiefly to writing. I once read that a Hollywood actor said you don’t try to perform well in a role so that you can land a bigger and better role, but so you can get more work. The chance to keep playing the game. I strive for success as a writer so I can have the opportunity to do even more writing. The end goal of writing is writing, the ultimate aim of creativity is more creativity. The objective in loving someone is not to create conditions you perceive as favorable for you or even for them, but simply loving them. You love to love.
Some accolades and material possessions might come along for the ride from time to time…but they are not nearly as satisfying as the chance to do more of what makes you feel most alive, most connected with the source of life. You cannot place an external value on engaging flow; its rewards are intrinsic and eternal. Executing on strength leads to the output of even more strength.
So for you, my friend who blesses me by reading this, do not attach the pursuit of what you most love to do to any materialistic or ego-satisfying end goal. Do it because you must, do it because it is as natural to you as breathing, do it because you would do it if no one were compensating you.
And perhaps no one is, and you are already doing it. Peace to you.