This topic is frequently on my mind, especially as I inch closer and closer to a certain big birthday. Here’s what I’ve observed to be helpful, both in the actions and activities of others I know as well as my own–and this applies to every generation, not just Xers:

1. Do your professional work extremely well
2. Strive to model executive maturity/emotional intelligence in every interaction
3. Continue to learn, including learning related to thought leadership in your field; technology; and core skill development
4. Embrace diversity and inclusion
5. Network with all of the current generations in the workplace
6. Stay engaged with the pop culture, including music, television (plus Netflix, Hulu, etc.), along with movies and fashion
Some of this might come naturally to you. Other components might require implementing a very intentional strategy that includes scheduling activities you’re not used to doing and learning new habits (while unlearning others). It’s all worth it, because each person retains plenty of potential to contribute to an ever-changing global workforce…and it’s dangerous to ever assume one’s own relevancy in the eyes of others.