Everything outside of my windows is cold, wet and bare again. I like it this way for a while. It seems simpler, and more reflective. Within a few months I’ll be begging for green and sunshine, but for now take me deep into the heart of winter and deeper still into my own heart and mind.

Another journey I want to take is a trek into enhanced holistic alignment. The past few months have been heavy on efforts within physical, intellectual and emotional engagement, but I haven’t nurtured the spiritual dimension quite as much. This season of darker days naturally lends itself to providing bread and water that feed spiritual hunger and thirst. I am mindful of how this important dimension of being adds life, energy and purpose to the other three.

This is far more than simply “getting my religion on” for the holidays. It’s continuing to transcend and grow into more of who I already am inside. This journey, realistically speaking, is the same for each of us.

Just as I finished the paragraph above, I looked up and there was the white deer outside of my French doors once again. I feel reassured for the journey.