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Dear _________,

Thank you for your service to our county/state regarding one of the most important privileges we have as Americans: the right to vote.

I’m writing to ask that you please do all you can to ensure that every adult has the opportunity to participate in this November’s election. The act of voting is one of the pillars of our democracy, and must be protected for all Americans agnostic to any individual’s specific political views or party membership. In particular, I’m encouraged by news of counties and states who are being thoughtful and proactive toward protecting voting access amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

My concerns and requests apply to three core areas:

Voter registration: Please do all you can to ensure timely application processing, excellent record keeping, and full transparency of deadlines and blackout periods regarding registration.

Access to the ballot: Please do all you can to limit poll location closures–especially those serving rural or minority communities–as well as expand early voting time frames, poll location hours, and poll staffing; and ensure that mail-in, absentee, and provisional bullets are accurately, timely, and fully counted. In particular, I’m concerned by news of attempts to limit or restrict mail-in voting, as I think mail-in voting is crucial (especially during this pandemic) to ensure full voter participation–especially for those who are elderly, ill, unable to drive to a poll location, unable to leave work to go vote, and people with disabilities.

Fair and full counting on Election Day: Please do all you can to limit machinery malfunctions; lack of equipment and power outlets; hacking or tampering from external parties; or any other dynamics that could potentially hinder any person’s vote from counting. In particular, please ensure your poll staffers are fully trained in how to accurately match a person’s signature, if required, to ensure that legitimate ballots are not discarded.

Thank you for your time and consideration on these matters. Feel free to contact me if I can provide additional clarity on my requests.


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