Evernote (www.evernote.com) is my new favorite smart phone application.
Considering the multitude of apps available across multiple platforms in the wireless space, I tend to gravitate toward the few that are the most pragmatic: Does it make my life easier? Does it provide a tool or process that addresses a gap in implementing something I claim to be important?
In the case of that last question, Evernote is making me more consistent at journaling. Better stated, I’m being more consistent at journaling through my use of the app. In combination with a simple recurring Outlook calendar hit on my phone, I can quickly and easily open Evernote and update a file with my thoughts from that moment. No pen or paper required. Notes easily uploaded to the cloud for later access via my laptop or easily emailed to myself if need be. Insert a more reflective life.
Journaling is sort of like working out. It needs to be easy to implement and do on a consistent basis. The more energy it takes to plan something, the less likely one looks forward to doing it. Evernote is an energy-sustainer…and I haven’t even mentioned the voice notes feature!