I’m not a big TV person, but I have caught a few snippets of the Winter Olympics the past couple of weeks. I’m especially intrigued by American speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, who is racking up the medals once again.
What does Ohno do that most impresses me, above and beyond his conditioning, skill and perseverance? It’s the way he approaches victory in a race. He starts off in the back of the pack, and takes his time as the race progresses. You wonder if he’s EVER going to make this move, but inside of his mind the strategic wheels are turning. The viewer can sense this champion preparing for the kill…and suddenly, without warning he sees a lane and zooms ahead of everyone. Far, far ahead, on to victory.
The guy knows how to recognize and seize the moment when it arrives. And there’s something here for us to learn.
We, too, have key moments for potential victory in front us each day. By honing our strengths and self-awareness, we can be more cognizant of those strategic moments when potential triumph is at hand.
Frederick Buechner writes that every moment is, in fact, a “key moment.” What are you noticing right now, this instance? Do you see the lane; and what’s holding you back from zooming ahead?