I am probably only several weeks away from publishing my novel The Wine Steward’s Lover, and already thinking it’s time to do something different. Something shorter.                                  
As in, short stories.
I believe that a creative writer should embrace diversity in his or her craft. It can be harder to tell a compelling story in 3,000 or 4,000 words than it is with 80,000 words. It’s also extremely challenging to write a stage play or a screenplay, as well as a radio script or a research article.
The common thread that spins through all literary mediums is the passion for the story itself, and for making the connection with the potential readers.
To this end, I have developed five ideas across the past couple of days, each based on a scenario I’ve lived to a certain extent. Each will vary in word length from the other, leaving open the possibility of entering a variety of contests and making submissions to literary magazines.
Considering that I have been working on Wine Steward for about two years, the prospect of starting and finishing something in the same month is quite appealing—especially for a guy who loves closure.