The main thrust of my life is to learn, to never stop learning, learning organically and formally and with structure and without structure, each and every day in all settings.

Particularly, I yearn to learn in three areas:

Learning to Notice: To soak in, with each of my senses, what is happening within and around me, the root cause of present emotions, the wonder of life abounding, the deepening sense of divine consciousness that permeates and outlasts human circumstances and ambitions.

Learning to Write: To write each day, constantly honing the craft I’ve loved since childhood, producing works that enrich myself and anyone who chooses to read them, reading voraciously in order to not only enjoy the stories and ideas of others but to learn from how they write as well

Learning to Coach: To grow more present, listen more attentively, question more deeply, synthesize more helpfully, and encourage action more steadily, each weekday as I work with my clients in what is my full-time profession.

Always learning, always growing, always alive. From this thrust flows love, compassion, patience and all of the virtues.