Who you are, and who you’re committed to becoming, are both worthy of introspection, evaluation and celebration.

You might not fully like who you are right at this moment. Maybe you’ve let yourself or others down–and more than once. It’s time to not wallow in the disappointment; learn from the feedback, forgiveness or consequences, and move forward into new ways of thinking, doing and being. 
What’s your vision for the possibilities you’re seeking to live into? This vision moves into clarity, first and foremost, through the gift of time alone with yourself. Conducting a rigorous self-inventory on a regular basis is a worthwhile exercise that bears a lot of fruit for daily nourishment. Think in terms of the four key life spheres I discuss here on my web site and in my book Assess, Collaborate, Execute: the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual spheres of engagement.
P: What does your current approach to health, fitness, rest and play say about you who are? What do you want to change in order to live into a more vibrant, physically engaged person?
I: How are you stretching your mind these days? What intellectual challenges are you embracing or shying away from?
E: What signs of joy do you find in current relationships? What are some ways of thinking or behaving that are hindering your peace with certain people?
S: Are you noticing your breathing? Are you giving yourself a chance to slow the roll a few times each day and reflect on the timeless aspect of your deeper being? Who are the people around you who challenge you to grow spiritually?
I’d love to have dialogue with some of you on your answers to these questions. Please contact me or post a comment. Thanks and Peace, John.