As surficial as this might sound, there’s a connection between the fitness clothes you wear and the quality of your workouts.
I first learned this lesson nearly 10 years ago, when I invested in some high-end dry fit tank tops and a bunch of name-brand jogging shorts. I pounded the weights and the pavement in those threads for years, and still have a few pairs of the shorts. They held up across time, much longer than the far less-expensive attire I’ve occasionally purchased at certain discount chains we know and love.
Today I made another investment in three of those same types of tanks. Trying them on in the dressing room, I felt a decade younger—and more excited than ever to go to the gym tomorrow. And that’s a good thing.
How are you investing in the small things that can add up to big results? Beyond workout gear, think about the food you eat; organic, for example, costs more—but does it help your body to embrace life more efficiently and enjoyably across the long haul? What kind of sustainable memories are unleashed through splurging on a great vacation every two or three years, and doing mostly staycations or little trips in between?  Or at least once a year going out to a fabulous restaurant with your significant other?
Are you strategically treating yourself well now and then, in a material sense?
What you wear, what you eat, where you go (and, of course, who goes with you)—in my opinion, these items matter so much more than the “stuff “ that clutters up our lives (expensive cars and houses, boats, gadgets, trinkets, etc.) They help define how you carry yourself, how you feel, what you experience, how you relate.
There are pragmatic, emotional, physiological and spiritual components at play here. Only the most ascetic among us would deny this.