Better and Faster

I recently stumbled upon a new book called Better and Faster, written by Jeremy Gutsche, founder of the TrendHunter idea-sharing portal.

The book is geared, in my opinion, toward successful people or organizations who face the risk of resting upon the laurels of that same success. What’s needed in order to stay ahead of the game and continue to innovate is a “hunter mentality,” vs. a “farmer mentality,” Gutsche asserts. To that end, there are three key pillars he book advocates:

1. Move from complacency to being “insatiable.” Complacency blocks curiosity. By experimenting, prototyping, and reassessing our assumptions, we can better understand when it’s time to make a radical shift.

2. Move from repetition to staying “curious.” Repetition often prevents new ideas from being tested. When a booming enterprise starts to expand, there can be a strong tendency to template each store or office for consistency. Such rigid repetition reduces the capacity for adaptation.

3. Move from protectiveness to “being willing to destroy.” At a certain point, to liberate potential it becomes necessary to destroy what has worked in the past.

Download a sample of the book and check out the web site, and feel free to reach out to me to discuss potential coaching or consulting support.