Today I spontaneously did for myself what I have facilitated for numerous clients and individuals. I conducted a thorough S.W.O.T. analysis on me, taking a deep look at my perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
This is a long-established, popular and simple tool, and perhaps easy to dismiss in an age of many sophisticated assessments and instruments. However, the simple is often the best in the moment. I was at a place this morning in my mind and heart where I needed a quick snapshot of reality; and found, upon completing my S.W.O.T., that I was encouraged and energized.
So try this experiment on yourself. Take a sheet of paper, draw four quadrants, and label each with an S, W, O and T, respectively. Then, give yourself permission to jot down a reflective list in each quadrant, asking yourself these key questions:
S: What are my key strengths? Under each strength, what are the specific behaviors where I thrive?
W: What are my rough edges? What competencies am I lacking that could potentially undermine my goals?
O: What are the positive opportunities in my life right now and in the near future? What conditions are working in my favor? What kind of support systems are in place?
T: What are the current, potential or eventual negative conditions that could threaten my goals? What landmines must I see ahead of time and navigate around? What items are out of my control?
This exercise does not take long at all. But the extra clarity it can provide toward setting goals and taking action has a long afterglow.