Here’s some unsolicited advice for you: Don’t grovel. You’re better than that. Groveling is not the story you want to tell about yourself.

Wondering if you’re groveling or on the verge of groveling? Take note of your thought stream. Are you actively or mentally preparing yourself to practically beg people to like you, listen to you, recognize what you have to offer, reach out to you, tell others about your positive impact?

What price are you willing to pay in your own loss of dignity, your unintentional dismissal of your own strengths, to fit the mold that someone else is seeking? When what they really need, when how you can help them the most, is by being uniquely you.

For no one else can do things quite the way you can. No one else can live your story.

The cessation of groveling takes time and practice. But then again, so does everything else worth doing.