Re-reading Frank Laubach’s classic Letters from a Modern Mystic, I’m struck by one poignant sentence:
My part is to live this hour in continuous conversation with God, and in perfect responsiveness to his will to make this hour gloriously rich.

In my journal tonight, I delved deep into this statement one key phrase at a time, scribbling with abandon. Please take that journey with me for a moment:
My part is. We have a partnership with God. We have skin in the game. God is not some puppet master dangling us by invisible strings. He works through our yieldedness, our surrender.

To live. What does it mean to truly LIVE? How much of what we call living is mere existence, simply getting by? What is the life of God within us feel like, look like, taste like?

This hour. The time to submit to God and truly live is NOW.

In continuous conversation. This is about a relationship; one of dialogue, deepening mutual intimacy, ongoing growth in caring and understanding.

With God. God is with us…Christ in you, the hope of glory.

And in perfect responsiveness. Our hearts and minds must be pliable to the move of the Spirit. We learn to ask for anything in Jesus’ name and receive because the asking is aligned with the deep sighs and yearnings of the Spirit.

To his will. Not mine, which often is blinded by mixed motives, fear and greed.

To make this hour. Again, NOW.

Gloriously rich. Not rich in material possessions or worldly acclaim or status. Rich in glorifying God and reflecting his image, displaying a treasure in earthen vessels.

Laubach adds next, “This seems to be all I need to think about.”

I was thinking about many other things earlier today before diving back into these journal entries of a missionary from the early 20th century. Tonight, as I near sleep, things have grown very simple and yet deeper than I can ever dream to dive.