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Dear _________,

Thank you for your service to our city/county/state/district/country. I’m reaching out to you regarding concerns I have regarding the disproportionate impact of specific economic policies on some of my most vulnerable fellow constituents.

Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color continue to experience disproportionate rates of unemployment and under-employment. These dynamics contribute to higher rates, when compared with white persons, of disease, chronic health problems, homelessness, arrest, and imprisonment. All of this has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

No individual can achieve economic and employment success without the support of many others, known and unknown, and the support of a society of policies, mindsets, and cultures that foster equitable opportunities for everyone. Persons, such as myself, who enjoy economic and employment privileges can and must work toward extending these privileges to those who don’t possess them.

To address these injustices, I’m requesting that you please do all you can to enact or influence adoption of policies that:

  • Ensure equitable treatment for black employees in the marketplace.
  • Stop predatory lending and other predatory corporate practices.
  • Build momentum for progressive tax, labor, and education policies.

Thank you for your time and consideration on these matters. Feel free to contact me if I can provide additional clarity on my requests.


Your Name

Your City and State