The Olympics have captivated the world’s stage for the past couple of weeks. Aside from the politics or cultural tensions that often emerge in the midst of these games, they still offer the best of the human spirit and work ethic on display. These athletes are simply in a class of their own, and are an inspiration to millions.
I am always intrigued by profiles of the coaches who support these athletes—the ones who constantly have to assess their talent, collaborate with them to train as effectively as possible and then support their execution of the athletic event itself. The coach has to want the gold medal as badly as the athlete; and sometimes even more so, especially at the beginning.
Are you coaching any world-class “athletes” right now? They could be actual athletes, but more likely are employees, protégés, children and so forth. Do you want their success as deeply as they want it, to the point where your mindset is one of complete symbiosis: we rise or fall together?
To enhance your coaching approach, think “ACE:”

(A)ssess: What is my approach to determine the talent level of the person I am coaching? What tools, assessments and other resources are at my disposal? What level of commitment do I see from my coachee?
(C)ollaborate: What does my partnership with my coachee look like? What do I bring to the table and what are they bringing?
(E)xecute: Are we brainstorming specific action steps and ensuring that follow-up is taking place? How is success being measured?
For more ideas on how to apply this ACE process across the board, check out my book Assess, Collaborate, Execute: ACE Your Way Through Life:
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