No one will give you “permission” to live in the manner that’s optimal for you.

It’s up to you to get clear about what optimal looks like, start “practicing” its associated habits, and begin to develop new muscle memory until it has truly become your life.

No Perfect Timing

Stress, difficulties with work, health, finances, jobs, relationships–one or more of those dynamics will always be around to one degree or another.

The perfect conditions will never arise, because there is no “perfection.” There is only the less exciting reality of iteration, or making quick adjustments based on what you’re learning. And getting a little better each day.


I start most early mornings with journaling, meditation, and a few minutes of yoga, followed by some creative writing and a technology-free walk. All before work begins. These are the things I want to start each day with, because I enjoy them and recognize the cumulative joy, focus, and energy I derive from them.

It would be easy to sacrifice these small but important early morning behaviors at the altar of urgency. Because there’s always something “urgent” to do. There’s always more you could produce, always problems you can devote all your waking hours toward solving.

It’s just a matter of the life you want, and the life you choose. And how closely those two align.