Sometimes I wonder if the verbal and written communication habits that annoy me annoy anyone else?

For example, I often hear these types of filler words from business leaders at all levels:
  • “Kind of” or “sort of” (Just say what you need and want!)
  • “Honestly?” (In response to a question. Hell yes, honestly!)
  • “Umm…” (Replace this with silence if you need to think for a moment. We can handle a moment of silence.)
  • “So…” (So what?)
  • “You know…” (If I already know, then shut up.)
Concerning written communication in various formats (emails, PowerPoints, Word documents, etc.), here’s some common mistakes:
  • Capitalizing Words you Think need the extra Emphasis.
  • Unnecessary use of apostrophes, especially when something isn’t possessive: “I’m going to speak to all of the district manager’s.”

It’s easy to dismiss my concerns by saying I’m nitpicking or that “everybody does this.” Who wants to be just like everybody? If you’re satisfied with average, that’s fine. Move along.However, if you want to be extraordinary, then embrace professionalism from all angles, and work hard at it. Fair enough?