About 10 days ago I blogged about the importance of “resource alignment” across tools you use to organize content–such as laptops, iPads, tablets, Web browsers and smart phones–as well as how Evernote (www.evernote.com) is a fantastic ally in achieving such alignment. I’d like to share more thoughts on this topic, beginning with key questions that must be asked pertaining to “personal vision:”
·     Who are you? Who are you trying to become? What legacy do you want to leave?

What are the key elements of your vision?

What intentional action steps are you taking to get the most potential out of each element?
Your professional goals must be grounded in this personal vision; neither vision nor goals can exist in a vacuum!  Once you get serious about the vision, clarity around goals–especially the goals that you should NOT pursue–comes into place.
Believe it or not, the vision and goal-setting were the EASY part! Here are some more key questions:
·    How can you create “alignment” around all of your actions, resources and relationships to intentionally drive your vision and goals?
·     What “clutter” can you remove?

What efforts do not bear fruit or move you closer to success?

How are you leveraging tools such as Outlook; Internet favorites; laptop folders; and smart phone or tablet apps?

And…have you discovered the power of Evernote?
Why Evernote? Imagine a tool—free to download to any device—that can help you to:
·     Create hundreds of sub-folders of notes that flow from your main folders

Lose the need for paper note-taking and the time spent entering information into electronic formats!

Rapidly synchronize all notes across your laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc., making your information always available for fast retrieval

Use your smart phone or tablet to capture photos and easily insert into a note—including photos of hard-copy documents that you won’t have to file somewhere!

Record audio notes that are immediately transcribed for you and kept as an audio file—great while on the go!

Feel secure knowing Evernote is protected by massive servers and the strictest confidentiality, and used by executives across the globe
The tools, of course, are not enough; the discipline to keep things simple and aligned is a core habit to cultivate. One best practice: Ensure that you use the same names for your folders and subfolders, across ALL technology! (i.e. Internet favorites, laptop or power book folders, and Evernote folders).
So, what are you waiting for? GO for it!  (And let me know if I can help!)